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Friday, April 19, 2013

Binomial Theorem, 2

Category: Algebra

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Find the first three terms of 


Consider the given equation above

Since the given polynomial is a trinomial, then we have to do something first in order to make this as a binomial and apply the Binomial Theorem to expand the binomial. 

To make a trinomial into a binomial, group x and -2y as follows

Since x and -2y are considered as one term in a group, then we can expand using the Binomial Theorem as follows

The above equation will be more complicated and longer if you will expand (x - 2y) completely. The more important is you know the principles of Binomial Theorem especially how to group the terms and how to expand the binomial which includes the getting the exponents of each terms as well as their coefficients. Therefore, the first three terms are