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Monday, October 13, 2014

Tangent Lines and Normal Lines, 5

Category: Differential Calculus

"Published in Vacaville, California, USA"

Show that the curvehas no tangent line with slope 4.


Consider the given curve

As we know that the slope of any curve is equal to the first derivative of the equation of any curve with respect to the independent variable which is x in most cases. Take the derivative of the given equation with respect to x, we have

If the slope of a curve is dy/dx = 4 which is also the slope of a tangent line, then the above equation becomes

From the resulting equation, the values of x will be the x values of the intersection of a curve and a tangent line. By using quadratic formula, the values of x are

Since the values of x are imaginary numbers or complex numbers, then there's no tangent line for the given curve. The given curve did not intersect with the tangent line of a given slope.